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I know you’ll never hear this, but someday… there may be someone who should know about you… us.

Your name was Gwen Stacy. Mine is Peter Parker.

This is the story of how we fell in love.

Or, more appropriately, how we almost didn’t fall in love.

Endless list of favorite comics || Spider-Man: Blue

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Criticism of Israel impacts global Jewry, and you can’t escape it.


People on the Left desperately want Israel to be straight-forward example of Western Imperialism. They desperately want it to fall into the category of discourse where they can accuse people of “tone policing” and “derailment” when they point out the antisemitic tropes and language employed when some people criticize Israel. They want to be able to rage against the Evil Settler Colonialists(TM) without having to censor themselves at all, and they resent when Jews won’t shut up about how criticism of Israel can’t be separated from racist narratives about Jews in general. (And watch some moron reblog this complaining that antisemitism is a term used exclusively for the hatred of Jews, as if Jews — rather than a Jew-hater — coined the term.)

But here’s the thing: Israel came into existence because a minority that had experienced millenia of forced conversions, genocides, ethnic cleansing and general dehumanization realized that they would never be safe until they had a homeland of their own. This does not excuse injustices that happened during the creation of Israel, but it puts it in a very different context than the colonial imperialism of Western powers. When speaking about Israel’s “right to exist”, you cannot just ignore how Western antisemitism forced multitudes of Jews to immigrate to the Mandate of Palestine because they literally had nowhere else to go. These were not “settler colonialists”; these were refugees.

Likewise, when speaking about Israel’s policies today, you cannot just ignore how your rhetoric might incite antisemitic violence against Jews in the diaspora. This isn’t a case of people just “venting”; Jews around the world are a vulnerable minority, and they are associated with Israel whether they like it or not. You can blame Israel’s existence for this association if you like, but that doesn’t mean Israel’s critics aren’t being irresponsible in the manner that they choose to frame their criticism.

I know many of you believe that criticism of Israel has nothing to do with Jews, but that’s simply not how it plays out in reality. So, if you care at all about the safety of Jews in diaspora, it’s your responsibility to make sure your criticism of Israel doesn’t feed into antisemitic narratives that have existed long before Israel was even a thing. 

Of course, many people believe that Jewish Privilege exists outside of Israel, and — despite the numerous shootings of Jewish schools and community centers, along with a host of property crimes against Jewish businesses — believe that antisemitism no longer exists. This of course is a patently antisemitic belief, so I’m not expecting any better from them.

But for those of you who understand that Jews are a vulnerable minority facing rising hatred world-wide, I implore you to consider that the way you speak about Israel absolutely affects Jews, even though it shouldn’t.

So please, read this post. Internalize it. 

Criticism of Israel doesn’t automatically mean antisemitism by any means, but it can very easily veer into racism and bigotry if one is not careful. Because if you live in a Western or Middle Eastern country, you live in a society that has a history of antisemitism. Period.

So, If you have any concern for the welfare and safety of Jews around the world, it’s your responsibility to make sure this doesn’t happen. Period.

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Absolutely every joke on Young Justice was golden. Seriously this was a perfect comic that could be enjoyed by everyone no matter their age. We need more comics like this these days…

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[blaine gibson]


Nobody get’s confused like Gaston

I cry for all those who do not know who this man is

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Good Will Hunting (1997)

It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault.

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LUTHER { End Credits Mix }

01.PARADISE CIRCUS massive attack | 02.GUN emiliana torrini | 03.SHE suede | 04.FEELING GOOD muse | 05.EVERYBODY’S GOTTA LEARN SOMETIMES beck | 06.BREATHE ME sia | 07.DON’T LET ME BE MISUNDERSTOOD nina simone | 08.THE BIG BAD WOLF the heavy | 09.FLASH joan as police woman | 10.SWEET DREAMS (ARE MADE OF THIS) marilyn manson | 11.PALACES OF MONTEZUMA grinderman | 12.I GOT A THINK hanni el khatib | 13.ME AND THE DEVIL gil scott-heron | 14.SATAN YOUR KINGDOM MUST COME DOWN robert plant | 15.NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP the black keys.
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art in video games

dishonored + pascal dagnan-bouveret

"Before they knew the details, Arkane knew that the game would be about contrasts: light and shadow, rich and poor, cold and hot. It was these dichotomies that decided Dishonored’s palette.

For the faces and the characters, the team looked to […] Dagnan-Bouveret.”

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Fallout: The Mini-Series. Follow the lives of three survivors through the remnants of post-apocalyptic America. Each with their own stories and companions, they try to endure the chaos of the wasteland. 

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I’m gonna deck that little bitch.

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There are a lot of pretty wonderful things going on in this picture.


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"Tom is our master horticulturist. He knows all the scientific names for everything, right, Tom?"

I love this show so much 

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